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Membership FAQs

Where to Call

General Questions:

Can I shoot at the Cherry Ridge Range?
YES – You can come with a range member as his or her guest, or you can become a range member by attending range membership Sunday, held on the first Sunday of every month. (See details below) See Cherry Ridge Range Rules for details on each of the ranges.

What are the hours at Cherry Ridge?
Cherry Ridge is open from 8:30AM to sundown every day of the year except Christmas and the two yearly work weekends. Ceasefire is called approximately one half hour before sunset. Competitions, training and several major events are held throughout the year. Some or all ranges may be closed for these events. See Range Schedule for a complete list of events and range availability.

Can I get a range membership through the mail?
YES – if you are currently a range member, you can renew by mail or online.
NO – if you are not currently a range member, you must attend a mandatory range safety briefing, held on the first Sunday of every month.

Can I bring a guest to Cherry Ridge?
YES – You can bring two guests per visit for a guest fee of $25.00 per guest, per visit (must be famliy members or members of the same household). You can bring a guest as many times during the year as you wish. The $25.00 guest fee is payable each time. You and your guest(s) must share a port and you are responsible for your guest(s) and must monitor the guest(s) while shooting.  See the Membership Notes page for more details.  There is no fee for non-shooting guest(s) 

Can my junior member (age 12-21) shoot on the pistol range?
YES – But only after he or she has attended our mandatory pistol range orientation for juniors. The supervising member must also attend this orientation. Please email for details.

I'm a regular Association member. Can my annual dues be credited toward range membership?
NO – New range members are required to pay the entire range dues and orientation fee and must attend the range safety orientation. See Dues for a complete list of dues for new members and renewals.

I was a range member and let my membership lapse. If I want to renew, do I need to attend the safety briefing again?
YES – if your range membership has lapsed for more than 13 months you must attend the briefing.

Do I need to pay the range orientation fee again?
YES – You are required to pay the range orientation again if your membership has lapsed for more than 13 months.

Do I need to be a New Jersey resident to join?


Membership Sunday (the first Sunday of any month) Questions:

What time should I arrive? 

9AM is the suggested time, doors close at 9:30AM.  The orientation any payment process takes approximately 2 hours.  If you paid online you may be eligible for the express line, and thereby leave sooner. 

What should I bring with me? 

Bring your paid receipt from your online payment or a method of payment if you did not pay online.  That's all you need to bring with you!

What if all my family members cannot attend the orientation for my family membership? 

No problem.  They can attend at any membership Sunday but they will not be able to use the range until they attend the orientation. Reminder: Spouse, SO or minor children (ages 10-20) are eligible to be added to your Family Membership. 

Can my 18 year old son who lives in NYC be on my family membership?

No. Family members must reside at the same address.

Can I shoot immediately after the orientation? 

YES- you will leave with a temporary or permanent range pass. 

Renewal Questions:

Can I renew online?

YES-if you don't have your login information click the Contact Us link in the upper right corner of the website home page and we'll get it to you

I did not get my renewal email or letter, what should I do?

Click the contact us link in the upper right corner of the website home page or renew online

I want to change my membership from a regular range member to family range, can I do that?

YES-we'll credit your paid membership prorated against a family membership.   Click the contact us link in the upper right corner of the website home page for specific details and help with this.

I want to change my membership from a regular membership to a range membership-can I do that? 

YES and NO-you certainly can upgrade your membership but we do not pro-rate the previous membership and you must attend range orientation.

Is a membership upgrade covered in a grace period for renewal? 

No, membership upgrades are not renewals.

Website Questions:

How do I add my family members to my account?

First you must have a family range membership.  Then, follow these instructions- Adding a sub-account



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