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Bench Rest League at Cherry Ridge

Bench rest shooting has been described as the ultimate in precision marksmanship, combining keen eyes, custom-crafted rifles and precision reloads. Top competitors are known for being fanatic about fine tuning their equipment and ammunition, down to measuring and weighing individual cartridge cases and bullets.


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But a shooter doesn’t have to be perfectionist to enjoy bench rest. The league that meets at Cherry Ridge offers a class for those who own regular hunting rifles and would like to compete. "It’s good way to get involved,” says league chairman Bob White, who runs the matches.” It’s not as demanding physically as other high power shooting because you don’t have to get into position.”
Bob is past president of International Bench Rest Shooters, and owner of The Shooters Corner, Inc.

As the name implies, bench rest matches are fired from a sturdy shooting bench with the rifle supported by a front a rear rest. At Cherry Ridge, there are two classes: Factory Class: fires two (5-bull) targets at 100 yards for a perfect score of 100 10X. Rifle must be any factory made production rifle with any power scope. No alterations except glass bedding, free floating of barrel and trigger adjustment. Factory rifles of any caliber will compete in the same class. Heavy Varmint: fires five 5-shot groups. (The first one is a warm up and does not count for score.) The groups will be shot in pairs with a break for cleaning in between. Any rifle that conforms to IBS Heavy Varmint rules (13 ½ pound maximum with scope) will be allowed. Any caliber and scope power permitted.
Matches start at 9:00 AM. Entry fees are $5.00 for Cherry Ridge Range members, $10.00 for non-members.


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Bring your rifle to the range and join the league. You’ll be glad you did.
For more information, contact Bob White at: (973) 663-5159 or




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