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Hold Onto Your Magazines!
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Nothing Has Been Signed Into Law Yet

Recent Amendment Would Allow
Retention of Blocked Magazines


April 4 –  ANJRPC has received reports of gun owners abandoning their (currently still legal) 15-round magazines at gun stores and other venues, under the mistaken belief that their property has been banned under A2761 – legislation that would prohibit magazines that hold over 10 rounds of ammunition.

But the bill has not been signed into law yet – it has only passed in one house of the legislature.  In order to become a law, a bill has to pass through BOTH houses of the legislature after being heard in committee, and then be signed by the governor.  So far, A2761 has only moved through the Assembly.  No hearings in the Senate have yet been scheduled, and ANJRPC sources in Trenton say that Senate action may not occur until much later this spring.

Also, a significant amendment to the bill was added at an Assembly Appropriations committee hearing on March 22 after ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach harshly criticized the measure during testimony and warned lawmakers that it would stimulate waves of litigation.  The amendment would extend the current practice of exempting large capacity magazines that have been modified to accept ammunition up to the statutory limit.  Prior to the amendment, the legislation would have forced gun owners to either destroy, surrender, or sell their magazines. While the amendment in no way makes A2761 acceptable (it should still be vigorously opposed), it does slightly mitigate the impact of the legislation on gun owners.

WATCH: NJ committee adds option to modify magazines after ANJRPC testimony 03/22/18

(click photo below)


Additionally, the bill itself would create a 6-month “amnesty” period from the time it becomes effective, during which time gun owners could “retain possession” without penalty.

Finally, court challenges being planned for the legislation also have the potential to delay or interfere with the implementation of the legislation, should it be signed into law.

Bottom line: hold onto your magazines!

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About ANJRPC: The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is the official New Jersey affiliate of the NRA, and is New Jersey’s oldest, largest, and most effective Second Amendment advocacy organization.

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