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ANJRPC Engages With 10 Towns on Permitting Shutdown






March 19, 2020. Following yesterday's email alert about NJ towns using Coronavirus as an excuse to shut down firearms permitting, ANJRPC has so far received and followed up on leads in 10 different NJ towns. There undoubtedly will be more.

Of the 10 leads we have received so far, 5 have been fully resolved, 1 has been resolved in principle but is still awaiting town website update, and 4 towns have been contacted by our counsel and we are awaiting responses.

We have not yet encountered one town that has flat-out refused to rescind a permitting shutdown when presented with the facts and the law (so far the shutdowns have been in the context of larger reductions in "non-essential" police services). Should we encounter any towns taking that position, we are prepared to promptly engage them in court if necessary. We intend to publicize the identities of any towns affirmatively refusing to process firearms permits after being contacted by our counsel.

We continue to ask that anyone becoming aware of towns refusing to accept or process new or existing permit applications promptly contact us at so we can follow up with those towns.

Please stay safe during this challenging time, and know that ANJRPC will continue to be vigilant in protecting our Second Amendment rights no matter what.

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