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Second Amendment Issues

Defending Your Rights

The Association supports and defends the constitutional rights of the people to keep and bear arms. A critical part of the ANJRPC’s mission is to take immediate action against any legislation at the local, state and federal level that would infringe upon these rights.

ANJRPC is one of four State Firearm Associations that organized a coalition of more than 40 similar groups to file a collective "friend of the court” brief in the historic pending U.S. Supreme Court Case District of Columbia v. Heller. That case, originally brought to overturn Washington, DC’s handgun ban, brings before the highest court in the land for the first time the issue of whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right to keep and bear arms.

Gun Ban Extremist Attacks ANJRPC President on Blog
Gun ban advocate Bryan Miller (of CeaseFire NJ) recently dedicated an entire blog post on to attacking ANJRPC President and NRA Board Member Scott Bach after Scott pointed out the absurdity of blaming Pennsylvania gun laws for New Jersey gun crime.
Second Amendment Foundation Blasts NJ Politicians Anti-Gun Plan
Proposals by anti-gun New Jersey Gov. Jon Corzine and Newark Mayor Cory A. Booker to establish "gun courts" and penalize gun owners who are victimized by burglars and thieves is "an outrage," the Second Amendment Foundation said.
ANJRPC President to Blog on Star Ledger / Website
ANJRPC President and NRA Board Member Scott Bach now has a weblog on the New Jersey Star-Ledger / website at He will be blogging to a wide general audience about policy matters concerning the Second Amendment and outdoor issues.
After a lengthy hearing with testimony both from Second Amendment leaders and anti-gun activists and politicians, the New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee today took no action on A3494 (firearms license fee escalation); amended A3998 (.50 caliber gun ban) to exempt certain firearms; and passed the amended bill by a vote of 4-2, with the Chairman’s recommendation that the bill be referred to another committee for further study and amendment.
On Thursday, May 10, the New Jersey Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is scheduled to consider legislation that would ban most .50 caliber and larger firearms (including popular hunting rifles), increase firearms license fees, and authorize future fee increases by unelected bureaucrats. Your IMMEDIATE action is requested to oppose these measures.
ANJRPC sues Port Authority!
The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc. (ANJRPC) announced that it has commenced a lawsuit against the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and one of its police officers for wrongfully arresting and imprisoning for nearly five days a 57-year old Utah man delayed at Newark Airport by a baggage error while traveling from Utah to Pennsylvania.
State Police Turn Honest Gun Owners Into Criminals
Two days after Governor Jon Corzine took office, the Superintendent of State Police issued a letter to New Jersey firearms dealers that appears to turn honest gun owners who possess temporarily blocked large capacity magazines into criminals with no apparent means of complying with the law.

Animal Rights Counsel Forced to Admit Bear Hunting a Viable Option
Under intense grilling by a New Jersey Appeals Court on December 2, a lawyer representing animal rights extremist groups was forced to admit that bear hunting is a viable option to control bear population, contradicting his clients' longstanding position that New Jersey's bear hunt is nothing more than a trophy hunt.

"Guns for Cash" Program Violates NJ Gun Laws, Helps Criminals
December 1st press release

2005 ANJRPC/PAC Candidate Rating and Preferences
Ratings for the New Jersey General Election November 8

Gun Confiscation in New Orleans
Links to news footage of legal arms being taken from citizens

Travelling with Firearms
Basics for the law-abiding gun owner

Transportation of Firearms through Airports
Dealing with problems encountered in New York City

The Race Against Corzine
The future of your Second Amendment rights is at stake in the upcoming election for New Jersey's next governor

Candidates for the Republican nomination for New Jersey Governor
A list of the candidates with a brief background of each.

NJ Supreme Court Cancels 2004 Bear Hunt
In a defeat for hunters and conservationists, the court ruled that the hunt, approved by the Fish & Wildlife Dept. but opposed by DEP Director Bradley Campbell, could not take place until the two agencies developed a joint policy for managing the bear population.

2004 Election Results

Gun Owners Turn Out to Defend Freedom on Election Day
Firearms owners turned out in record numbers on election day to defend the Second Amendment, providing the crucial votes necessary to keep a pro-gun President in the White House and strengthen the pro-gun majority in Congress.

Defend Freedom on Election Day
The next president will likely appoint up to four Supreme Court justices who will likely rule on whether the Second Amendment protects an individual right. The next president will may also enter into the United Nations global gun ban treaty.

Take Your Best Shot!
New Jersey is considered a "swing state” in the upcoming Federal election. Make your vote count.

Fifty Caliber Scare
Joe Bilby's "Black Powder Notes" column from the New Jersey Federated Sportsmen News details the effect that banning .50 caliber firearms would have on hunters and collectors.

Anti-Gun Rhetoric Grows Vicious as Demise of "Assault Weapon” Ban Approaches
The term "assault weapon” was invented by anti-gun extremists to deliberately mischaracterize certain semi-automatic firearms which look like, but do not operate like, fully-automatic machine guns. A federal ban on these firearms will automatically expire on September 13 unless new legislation is passed to extend it. Expect to be assaulted by a barrage of vicious and deceitful media attacks.

Notes from the Show Circuit
A thank-you to ANRJPC members for making a commitment to support the Second Amendment

The Gun Show "Loophole”
There is NO Gun Show Loophole. The people that coined the phrase "gun show loophole” are the same people that want to stop the transfer of all firearms between individuals.

Weinberg Bill Bans All .50 Caliber Firearms
Even though Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg admitted in a Law and Public Safety Committee meeting that she knew nothing about firearms, her bill, originally proposed in the 2003-2004 legislative session, is likely to be reintroduced in some form during the 2004-2005 session.

New Jersey Bear Hunt Ends
New Jersey’s six-day bear hunting season ended with a reported total of 328 bear taken by hunters.

2003 Election Results
Details of the NJ Senate and Assembly elections by district

New Jersey Bear Hunt Scheduled
The New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife has approved plans for the first New Jersey black bear hunt in 33 years, scheduled to take place in December, 2003 in portions of Sussex, Warren, Morris and Passaic Counties

The State House Beat, by Carol Katona (5-23-03)
A report on firearms-related bills in the New Jersey legislature.

First Amendment Victory in Suit Against School Board
by Nancy Ross (5-20-03)
In a significant victory for the First Amendment, a lawsuit against the Montclair, N.J. Board of Education (School Board) brought by the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) was resolved in a court-ordered settlement. The School Board acknowledged that it violated its own policies by distributing a flyer supporting anti-Second Amendment legislation, while refusing to distribute a flyer opposing the legislation.

Attend the Bear Hunt Hearing May 22 by Nancy Ross (5-10-03)
The NJ Division of Fish & Wildlife will hold its hearing on the proposed black bear hunt on Thursday, May 22 at the New Jersey State Museum, 205 State Street in Trenton. The hearing will begin at 6:30 p.m.

Bear Hunt Proposed, by Nancy Ross (3-20-03)
The ANJRPC is urging members to support the Fish and Wildlife Council’s proposal for a six-day bear hunt.

The State House Beat, by Carol Katona (3-20-03)
A report on firearms-related bills in the New Jersey legislature.

Ballistic Fingerprinting, A Waste of Taxpayer Dollars,
by Nancy Ross (3-5-03)
A recent report by the Attorney General of California, Bill Lockyear, on the feasibility of a ballistic imaging system as a tool of law enforcement should effectively destroy prospects for passage of a "fingerprinting” bill currently pending in New Jersey’s Law & Public Safety Committee and the Veteran’s Affairs Committee.

Smart Gun Bill Passed in New Jersey, by Nancy Ross (12-16-02)
Background on the legislation along with the list of Senators who voted "No" (N) or Abstained (A). Remember an abstention (A) is the same as a no (N) vote.

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