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The Race Against Corzine

By Scott L. Bach

In the wake of a divisive gubernatorial primary in June, one fact is certain in the match-up between Doug Forrester and John Corzine: the future of your Second Amendment rights in New Jersey is at stake in November.

A wealthy, ultra-liberal U.S. Senator who has been described by the New York Times as "to the left of almost the entire U.S. Senate, including Ted Kennedy,” Corzine is no friend of peaceable, law-abiding gun owners. He supports gun bans, smart guns, ballistic imaging, registration of all firearms, and more. He originally campaigned for the Senate on a promise of fighting for new gun control laws and called President Bush's support of the Second Amendment an "ideological gambit.”

In contrast to the bitterly contested Republican primary, which largely divided conservatives throughout the state and fractured the party, Mr. Corzine easily beat his lone primary challenger and has hit the ground running with a unified party behind him in the gubernatorial race.

Whatever your opinion may be about Republican nominee Doug Forrester, make no mistake about it: this race is against John Corzine.

The goal of peaceable firearms owners in November should be two-fold: to keep Senator Corzine from becoming Governor Corzine; and to restore blocking control in the legislature (to stop the further progession of dangerous, misguided gun control laws that victimize the law-abiding and empower criminals).

With more than 600,000 firearms owners in the state, and more than 1.5 million sportsmen and women, there is no reason why pro-gun candidates cannot not be elected in every race. No reason, that is, except for apathy among our ranks.

If ever the outdoor community is to unify and speak with one voice, now is the time. We must join together, work together, and act together. Our goal is clear; our mission is possible; and our adversary is beatable. The outcome will depend on whether you and I step up and do our part.

Please watch for updates, alerts, and candidate ratings and endorsements from the ANJRPC PAC and the NRA-PVF.

Scott L. Bach is Executive Vice President of ANJRPC and an NRA Director

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