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Smart Gun Legislation Returns - Monday
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Assembly Committee to Hear Smart Gun Bill Just

Months After Governor Christie Vetoed Similar Legislation


Please Immediately Tell Committee Members to Vote No!


On Monday, June 20 at 10:00 a.m., the Assembly Judiciary Committee is scheduled to consider A1426, “smart gun” legislation similar to a bill pocket-vetoed by Governor Christie in January.  The legislation was supposed to be heard in a different committee several weeks ago, but was pulled from the agenda at the last minute, reportedly so that it could be amended.  No amendments have yet been posted to the State House website.

While A1426 (as presently written) would roll back the ban on conventional handguns from New Jersey’s 2002 “smart gun” law, the bill is badly tainted because it swaps in a new mandate in its place, forcing every New Jersey firearms dealer to stock and display smart guns for sale – essentially compelling market acceptance of the technology instead of letting the free market decide. The effort to coerce smart guns onto the market by bullying dealers suggests that politicians will be back with their ban on all conventional handguns soon after an artificial market for the new and unproven technology has been created. 

For key background on the smart gun issue, and why this legislation is so dangerous, please see ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach’s editorial in The Record on the subject, and see this detailed ANJRPC alert on the subject from late last year.


Please immediately tell the members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee to vote NO on A1426.  Tell them to oppose efforts to force market acceptance of smart guns, and instead allow the free market to decide by supporting a complete repeal of New Jersey’s 2002 “smart gun” law.




 John F. McKeon, Chairman

(973) 377-1606


Gordon Johnson, Vice-Chairman

(201) 530-0469


Michael Patrick Carroll



Joseph Lagana

(201) 576-9199


Elizabeth Maher Muoio

(609) 571-9638


Erik Petersen

(908) 238-0251


Andrew Zwicker

(609) 454-3147



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