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02/28 Hearing Logistics, 03/26 Gun Owner Rally, & More
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A gun owner rally sponsored by ANJRPC and NRA is scheduled to be held in Trenton on Monday, March 26 -- the same day that both houses of the legislature are scheduled to be in full session, and very likely voting on the first wave of gun bills that emerge from committees in the next few weeks.  Please join us for a morning rally close to the State House, followed by a march to the Senate and Assembly chambers where we will pack the galleries and make sure legislators know we are watching as they vote.  Plan on spending the entire day.  Additional details will be forthcoming, but save the date!


All gun owners are encouraged to attend tomorrow's hearing of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and make your voice heard.  The hearing is scheduled to begin at 11 the State House Annex, 131-137 State Street, Trenton, NJ, 4th floor, committee room 11 (committee room is always subject to change). Click here for directions.

Parking can be challenging, but there are several different options:

-Trenton Parking Authority, 110 N. Warren Street

-Lafayette Garage, (hotel parking), 1 West Lafayette Street

-Trenton Parking Authority, E Front Street between N. Warren and Broad Street

-State House garage, adjacent to State House Annex (limited visitor parking)

-Metered Street parking outside the State House (meters need to be fed repeatedly).

You will have to pass through metal detectors at the entrance, provide ID, and indicate where you are heading (Assembly Judiciary Committee hearing).  You will be given a temporary ID card to display on your clothing.

In order to testify, you must fill out a testimony slip when you enter the hearing room, and hand it to the clerk indicating you wish to testify.  You will need to indicate your name, organization (if any), bill number, and whether you wish to testify for or against.  You can also indicate your position with no need to testify.  You must complete a testimony slip for each bill you want to testify on.

The committee chair makes the rules about how long each person gets to testify.  Prepare to be as brief as possible -- if a lot of people attend, you could be limited to 1 or 2 minutes.  Keep remarks focused on the specific legislation you're testifying about -- you may be interrupted if you go off-topic.

Make sure you activate the microphone when you sit down to testify.  Press the button on the microphone base until you see a red light illuminate.  Your remarks will not be heard or recorded if you do not activate the microphone.


NRA News discussed many of tomorrow's bills (and other NJ issues) in an interview yesterday with ANJRPC Executive Director Scott Bach.  Watch the interview by clicking on the image below, and make sure to review our recent email with bill analysis.


Those who can't attend tomorrow's hearing should still continue to contact members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee.  The hearing may also be viewable on the NJ Legislature website here. Select the date and committee, and either "view" or "listen" depending on whether the coverage is audio or video.

And just a reminder to all gun owners why it is important for everyone to weigh in even when the odds are impossible, please see ANJRPC's list below of the Top Ten Reasons For Gun Owners to Weigh in with Legislators:

1.  Pressuring lawmakers has worked, even in NJ.  In 2013 and 2014, the unified, focused efforts of New Jersey gun owners stopped over 85 anti-gun bills in their tracks. In 2016, New Jersey gun owners halted a massive attack on gun clubs and shooting ranges throughout the state via a concentrated pressure campaign led by ANJRPC and NRA. These are just a few of many examples. Pressuring lawmakers has worked in the past.

2.  The Second Amendment is under massive attack.  Gun rights have never been under greater attack than they are right now. Gun owners must speak with one overwhelming voice whenever and wherever our precious Freedom is attacked.  No one is going to do it for us – it’s up to us! 

3.  Silence Suggests We Don’t Care. The last thing lawmakers should conclude is that gun owners don’t care about the issue.  That would embolden our enemies, and suggest to our friends that the issue (and their vote on it) doesn’t matter to us.  Lawmakers on both sides must be clear about what is important to gun owners, because it guides their actions.

4.  Anti-Gun lawmakers must feel the heat.  Those trying to extinguish our rights cannot be given a free pass.  They must be made to understand that their actions are wrong and that multitudes of citizens are outraged.  They may try to tune us out the louder we get, but that only means we have gotten their attention – which is one of the goals of a pressure campaign.  They must be taken to task, on each and every issue, regardless of the outcome.  This is why anti-gun legislators now only pick a few firearms issues to pursue each session, instead of the dozens they used to pursue all at once.  They know we are going to engage tenaciously on every issue and resist them every step of the way.

5.  Our legislative friends need to hear from us, too.  If our lawmaker friends hear silence on an important issue, they may conclude that gun owners do not care about the issue.  In decades past, both parties were against us on Second Amendment issues. That has changed significantly due to the very hard work of gun owners like you over a sustained period.  If an issue is important to you, our legislative friends need to hear from you.

6.  Many lawmakers are trying to help us – we need to have their backs. Many lawmakers have risked their careers to support the Second Amendment, and have come under massive attack for it.  We need to have their backs, show them our support, step up to the plate and speak out to show them that there are one million law-abiding gun owners who are standing with them.

7.  Every lawmaker must be forced to take a side.  Gun owners need to let lawmakers know they are watching, and lawmakers need to be reminded that the Second Amendment should not be a partisan issue – it’s an issue of basic human rights, and it resonates with numerous voters.  Remaining silent on a litmus-test issue is counterproductive and potentially damaging to the issue.

8.  The media needs to know we are engaged.  The media has blocked our message for decades.  Now is the moment we need to be more vocal than ever.  To be silent is to squander unique opportunities to get our message out to the general public.

9.  We need to counter the false narrative that the public is opposed to gun rights.  Most people do not know that the government has absolved itself of any legal duty to protect individual citizens.  When the public hears that message, the right to self-defense becomes self-evident, and public support for it increases.  We need to reinforce this message with legislators and counter the false narrative that the public is opposed to Second Amendment rights.

10.  The latest attacks mark the beginning of the fight, not the end.  We are in a new legislative session, and the fight is just beginning.  We have to fight with all our strength, every step of the legislative process, and then be prepared to defeat anything that passes in court.  Gun owners cannot surrender in silence because we think the odds are against us – we have to stand and fight  in spite of the odds!  History has called us to this time – we must all answer the call. 

Please forward this email to every gun owner you know, and if you don’t already receive alerts from ANJRPC, please subscribe to our free email alerts for the latest Second Amendment breaking news and action alerts.

About ANJRPC: The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs is the official New Jersey affiliate of the NRA, and is New Jersey’s oldest, largest, and most effective Second Amendment advocacy organization.


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