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Fun Matches at Cherry Ridge
Every season there is a series of matches that are conducted to introduce the beginning shooter to competition and have some fun.
There are four different match venues in the series. They are:
The Garand Match
The Military Bolt Rifle Match
Infantry Trophy Sporting Rifle Match
The Garand Match is centered around the U.S. Rifle, M1 also known as the Garand. This particular match requires that the rifle be in as-issued condition, with no modification to enhance its accuracy. The second in the series is Military Bolt, which requires the use of any military bolt action rifle built in World War 2 or earlier again in unmodified condition, with one small exception. This exception allows the use of an aperture rear sight in place of the original rear sight. The Infantry Trophy is a three-man, three-match team event. The final event in the series is the Sporting Rifle competition, which is designed to use the average deer rifle.

The Garand, Military Bolt and Sporting Rifle events are generally structured around a modified National Match Course and are held on the High Power Range 200 yard line.
For both the Garand and Military Bolt events the course of fire is four 10-round events preceded by five minutes of sighting rounds. After the sighting-in period, the first event is the prone slow fire, which consists of 10 rounds in ten minutes from the prone position.
The second event is the prone rapid fire, which is 10 rounds in seventy seconds with a reload from the prone position.
The third event is the sitting rapid fire consisting of 10 rounds in sixty seconds again with a reload from the sitting position.
The forth and final event is the standing or offhand event consisting of 10 rounds in ten minutes.
The Sporting Rifle match differs from this format slightly by using only 8 rounds instead of 10 due to sporting rifle magazine capacities. Since most sporting rifles are not designed to be reloaded quickly, the rapid-fire events are conducted as two 4-round strings of 30 seconds each.

The Infantry Trophy Match is a quasi-combat event. It mimics and is named after a similar event conducted during the National Matches at Camp Perry.
This event originally started out as a competition between Army Infantry Squads, but has attracted much interest and has been opened to civilian teams. The version that is run at Cherry Ridge consists of two-man teams rather than the six-man teams competing at Camp Perry.
These two-man teams have to engage three targets at ranges equivalent to 600 yards, 500 yards, 300 yards and 200 yards with a total of 128 rounds per team. At the 600 and 500 yard targets, the prone position is used. At the 300 yard target, the sitting position is used and at the 200 yard distance, the position is standing.
At each range the shooters are in position when the targets come up. Each team then tries to shoot as many rounds as they can into all three of their targets in fifty seconds.
Bonus points are awarded for the number of targets with six or more hits. This match is conducted and adheres to the fifteen round magazine limit imposed by the State of New Jersey, but that doesn’t seem to limit the fun had by the competitors.
Contact: Roger Billington (973) 827-4851
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