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Same Old Story: Blame the Guns
The following letter was published in the March 22, 2005 edition of The Jersey Journal.


I didn't know him, but it appears by all accounts that a good man, a husband, a father, a grandfather was murdered in his Jersey City bodega on March 16. Gunned down by his murderers. As a law abiding, hard working, much loved member of the community, he was armed, in his own place of business, with no more than a baseball bat, and as such would be no match for their guns. Sadly ironic, he immigrated here to find a better life from the Dominican Republic, a country we think of as inferior, yet recognizes its "good" citizens' right to be armed.

These stories are not "becoming" commonplace in New Jersey, they "are" commonplace. The pages of newspapers throughout New Jersey, not just The Jersey Journal, will continue to bring these sad stories to us for as long as the response of the press and public officials to murders of good people is the ceaseless call for ever more "gun control" laws. When will the proponents of this approach realize that criminals and murderers do not pay attention to laws?

By God, I do believe I would feel complicit to this good man's death if I was one of those predictable enemies of the "good people's" rights.

As to the death of the 16-year-old player in the robbery and murder, well, I doubt this newspaper would print my sentiment - even if it is galloping through the mind of the Hudson County community it purportedly serves.

North Bergen
Regional Vice President
The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc.
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