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Lawless Don’t Heed Gun Control

The following letter was published in the October 6, 2005 edition of The Trenton Time.

The letter "Balderdash” (Sept. 14) lambastes the NRA for positions and scenarios the writer conjures up in her own imagination, i.e. "the NRA would like to see every man, woman and child with a holster."

She advised readers to watch BBC newscasts in order to demonstrate how "England is practically crime-free compared with the United States." This opinion is an example of how a lie told often enough gains its own "truth."

The British government banned all handguns in 1997 (including antiques), but itself recently reported that gun crime in England and Wales nearly doubled in the four years from 1998-1999 to 2002-2003.

The 2000 International Crime Victimization Survey, the last survey completed, shows the violent crime rate in England and Wales to be double that of the United States. In last week's released survey by the United Nations or the most violent nations, the U.S. didn't even make a decent showing, but England did.

These realities are the result of a simple fact: Gun control emboldens criminal behavior. Look no further than Camden or Jersey City for verification. In short, it's gun control that is balderdash.


North Bergen
Regional Vice President
The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs, Inc.
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